Monday, April 12, 2010


I’m writing this from a very exhausted and frustrated state here at MD Anderson in Houston. We’re staying right across the street from the hospital and it is clear by walking around that everyone either has cancer, is here with someone with cancer, or is an employee. There’re lots of people in wheel chairs and inside me, very raw feelings about that.

It is amazing how many people are here. The room where I waited to get my blood drawn after I saw the doctor was like a school cafeteria. Easily 200 people were in there waiting to pee in cups, get needles stuck in them, and have various scans.
I don’t even know how to communicate about the meeting with the doctor and the feeling I have while walking around this place. Here are some random stream of consciousness notes. Sorry for the lack of narrative, but this is the modus operandi of my mind right now:
-Two different people asked if I was here visiting someone.
-The phlebotomist and I joked about how stupid it is that there are 4 different blood draw tubes with “mint”, “green”, “lavender”, and “purple” tops.
-The doctor who’s practice is 95% thyroid cancer patients doesn’t seem to know what to do with me.
-I don’t get chemo because it isn’t bad enough.
-The chemo drugs suck.
-I probably have a pediatric variant of my disease.
-Nice, smart fellow with cute red shoes just like Maggie would like.
-Reading the China study, pretty convincing stuff. I'm going to try not eating any animal products for awhile.
-No bike, but saw a guy with his wife who had shaved legs and was eating a huge ice cream cone hanging around the hotel.
-Still anemic from my last radiation treatment, wish someone would give me some EPO.
-Had 8 tubes, 30ml of blood drawn from my arm today, can I have some EPO now?
-Maybe another surgery on my neck
-Don’t get to come home in the morning, have to stay another 12 hours.
-My ego is crushed, because the nurse measured me as 5ft7and ½ inch. I’ve always told people I was 5’8’ and even bet her a cup of coffee when she said there was no way I was 5’8”. Shit, I’ve got to bring her some coffee now. Good news is, resting HR is 41.

Now here are some pictures to make us all happy:


Magda said...

love it! you look like you are snapping some serious wrists in those bike pics.
did the nurse really measure you as 5'1/2"? or is that a typo. cause if you are only that tall that makes me about 4'6", and i think that makes me legally a midget. and then you'd be married to a midget...

Dan said...

Oh man that would be scary. Definite typo. I fixed it.

Andy said...


So let me get this straight. You are shrinking and you have a pediatric form of the disease. These doctors don't know anything, clearly you are aging in reverse! They need to watch more movies.

I am sorry to hear that you are in that place.

Keep checking out other dudes legs and I'm sure you'll find a bike to escape on.

Did I ever tell you the story of how I couldn't get into the Marine Corps because some doctor wrote down I had 12 inch arms? Like a damn T - Rex.