Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"You also will want to make sure that being extra uncomfortable is something you’re into because 60 minutes against the fastest geared guys around isn’t going to feel very good until it’s over."


"The most important thing, though, is your mental state. That’s where it’s at when you have gears too, (clearly if you’re thinking of going SS you KNOW the bike doesn’t really matter that much) but it’s even more important without them. When you pull up on the starting line, remember: your opponents think you’re dumb, crazy, and possibly tough as nails. You want to encourage this thinking. I wear a Camelbak during warmup because you won’t be drinking for 60 minutes once it starts, no one else does it, everyone should, and because it makes me look like I have no clue."

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Trail Monster said...

If not for knowing you in your stealthy kit, I would have sworn you wrote that statement.

I must now hit up ebay for some retro clothing to become ...welll probably just another sheep in sheeps clothing...nothing wolfy here.