Monday, October 4, 2010

Boss cross #1

I knew I was in for a hard race when I saw BH line up on the front (as opposed to the back of the pack at Bubba) of the 28-man field. This past week was the completion of week 3 back on the bike after surgery and a long break from training. My legs are starting to come back, so right now I'm focused on training and getting my attitude lined up. This was a 'training race' in the sense that I try to pick a specific aspect to focus on during the entire race and not let myself get caught up in anything except that goal. For Boss cross #1, the goal was to lay down a really hard effort during the last lap and hopefully pass/catch people. In order to do this, I needed to not burn my matches too early and race smart.

Here's a video of the barriers the last lap:

I grew a gap and managed to pass Bill Marshall the last lap, but couldn't quite catch Yielding. Who, you'll see I followed during the first lap here:

There was no way I could mix it up in the top 5 of this race, especially at this point in time...but as long as I can keep focused I see no reason why November/December shouldn't be different.

Here are the top 15:
1 7 CX 1-2-3-4 M 42 WINKLER Jeff Blue Springs MO Unattached
2 11 CX 1-2-3-4 M 34 JENSEN Brian Lawrence KS Unattached
3 14 CX 1-2-3-4 M 34 JOHNSON Joshua Columbia MO Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Rac
4 23 CX 1-2-3-4 M 25 SCHOTTLER Jonathan Columbia MO Columbia Bike Club Race Team
5 21 CX 1-2-3-4 M 50 PRICE Thomas Overland Park KS KCCX
6 8 CX 1-2-3-4 M 30 COE Andrew Mission KS SKC Racing
7 12 CX 1-2-3-4 M 40 STOLTE William Topeka KS TradeWind Energy / Trek Stores
8 4 CX 1-2-3-4 M 41 YIELDING Jeff Hermann MO Revolution Cycles
9 15 CX 1-2-3-4 M 31 MILLER Daniel Columbia MO Columbia Bike Club Race Team
10 2 CX 1-2-3-4 M 40 MARSHALL Bill
11 27 CX 1-2-3-4 M 27 COIL Nicholas Prairie Village KS TradeWind Energy / Trek Stores
12 16 CX 1-2-3-4 M 47 FROESE Ethan Columbia MO Columbia Bike Club Race Team
13 19 CX 1-2-3-4 M 18 LININGER Luke Greenwood MO Bicycle Shack Racing
14 22 CX 1-2-3-4 M 30 OGILVIE Scott St. Louis MO Dogfish Racing Team
15 9 CX 1-2-3-4 M 36 BAUGHER Matthew St. Joseph MO Epic Cycling Team