Monday, November 22, 2010

Mt Pleasant: Bubba #9

Pride Inc, Alton Illi-noise on saturday:

Mt Pleasant, Bubba #9 on Sunday:

It had been a year since my first top 5 result in the bubba race, which had happened at Mt Pleasant. Now, I find myself in the hot seat (leading the series?!) with one regular bubba to go, the state championship on Dec 4th, then nationals!


Dave said...

Hello Captain Awesome!

No joke intended. You are awesome.

To think I had my money on Schottler this season- I owe you beers.

David Henderson said...

Good job. Also those pictures are really really good (or maybe it's just the back drop).

Casey Ryback said...

Wish I coulda hung out more after the race but I had shit to attend to. Dam n what a show!