Thursday, December 30, 2010

o ¡por fin!

I'm really glad this year is over.

We still haven't made a final decision regarding accompanying my mentor to Notre Dame, but at this point we're leaning towards staying in Columbia. The unfortunate consequence of that decision is that I'll probably discontinue my graduate school (abandon the PhD) and head back to finish med school...which although that won't be good for competitive cycling, I'm actually super motivated to get back to medicine!

I just read my friend's blog about his awesome accomplishments in bike racing this year and felt like writing my own version of a 2010 reflection. However as I sat down, I don't think I have enough to say about bike racing to write much. I had 2 goals for racing: 1. To win a bubba A race and 2. Top 5 in the state race

Other than that, here is a year in pictures:

Next year, more camping and more mountain biking are my goals. The end. Thanks for reading.


Magda said...

Cheers to completing your goals and staying strong through all that shit this year. And here's to bringing that superior attitude and hopefully, more luck into the new year!

Casey Ryback said...

was a good year, for sure! also, having just read your winter training thing from one post prior, and damn! I'm envious of the focus!