Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KC-St Louis and Nationals

I hate the fact that there is hatred/anger/competition/resentment, etc between the cycling communities of KC and St Louis. Seriously, we do the same biggish races, therefore we're essentially part of the same community. Get over yourselves and stop giving people a hard time for where the live/race.

One of my goals for this season was to get connected to some kind of cycling-health advocacy group and use my racing as a means for spreading awareness and educating people about living with the chronic disease of cancer. Despite my best efforts, it feels like no one really cares. High level amateur racing seems to exist in a kind of Ayn-Randian type plane of personal satisfaction. There are a lot of Rand quote's I really like (particularly about rationality) from the perspective of a scientist but mostly, from the perspective of a person who places compassion as the highest moral value, I can't stand what her philosophy suggests about community and personal happiness.

Anyway, at the moment I'm trying to weigh the rest of the season out and decide how to spend the next 6 weeks of my life. Part of me wants to make this next sunday my last cross race. However, I'm well positioned at the moment, at least from a racing perspective, to go race Master's 30-34 cyclocross nationals in Madison, WI on Jan 7th.

Basically starting position for that race is determined on prior results at national championships and also on the lowest USA-cycling (USAC) point value. As of now, mine is 214...which should be a descent starting spot.
Points per race (a few buba races are missing and also the CoMo Awesomo):


From a material perspective, I have the clothes to stay warm in January in Wisconsin. I always ride that time of year anyway and actually like the cold. I just feel too selfish about committing myself to going right now.


Jeff Yielding said...

You may want to email them on your points, your average should use the best three in a 12 month rolling period. Does not look like your best three is in bold.

Jeff Yielding said...

You may have seen this already..

From: “Mahoney, Tom”
To: Brian Hludzinski
Sent: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 2:01 PM
Subject: Re: CX Rankings, license # 16334 ?

Hey Brian-

The reason that your rankings are acting like that is because of a fail safe in the rankings program that prevents the rankings from being artificially inflated. We were seeing that a lot of the rankings were getting lopsided because the same people were winning a lot in the same weekend against the same people. So to prevent this from erroneously slanting the rankings we built into the system that riders can only use one ranking score from a given event to help their overall ranking total in a given discipline.

We launched this Thursday night, and we haven’t had time to update the FAQ with this information.

Tom Mahoney
USA Cycling
Results, Rankings & Registration Manager

Dan said...

Hey Jeff, the first time I read this, I didn't get it. But now I do. Hopefully the rest of bubba will be uploaded soon, but I may end up needing to hit-up another bigger race weekend!

Anyone have a private jet and interested in going to Bend next weekend?