Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heading to Houston this next week for my 6month cancer check-in. Definitely a bit nervous as always, but for some reason a bit more so this time around. Good signs on the bike though. I'm halfway through Base 3 and managed this ride solo on the road today:
I was talking to a rider at the Tour of Hermann last week and told him I was still doing base miles...he thought it was a "little late", which was funny. My main goals for the year are in cyclocross, so I'm actually a bit early since I'm almost done with base 3. Also psyched on some mountain bike racing in May and June, but following that, will probably start thinking about cross a lot more. I can't wait to get the appointment next week done. Hopefully everything is still 'stable'.


Scott said...

Your not late. As i have been told, we are not training for TOH and or any other early season local races. They are used as training. You will be strong as hell for CX this year. Just like the last couple years.

Dan said...

Thanks Scott! Good luck today...have fun at MFXC. I wish I can do it but with the next few weeks of various work/bike/life events, it just isn't in the cards.