Thursday, July 3, 2008

Aren't I pretty?
Well it is the day after the surgery and I'll spend an additional night in the hospital. I feel pretty good except a big pain in the neck and in the butt. Seriously, guys that are skinny who spend 7 hours on the operating table sometimes have circulation cut off to the muscles in the back or butt. It never happens with bigger folks, the surgeon said the last guy was a wrestler from KU now a climber/biker/runner from MU.

My right piriformis and posterior superior iliac spine hurt more than my neck. 
Tomorrow I'll go back to the place we're staying at...which has turned out to be a great story that i'll write about later.


Lourdes said...

Not that I like scars all that much, but having seen many, yours are beautiful! Your mom must be right saying that your surgeon is a miracle worker

Is there anything we can do to make you more comfortably handsome???
Are you taking ARNICA?


jesse said...

I don't care how sore you are, I'm just glad you're still alive. That's one hell of a scar...

Eleanor said...

Dan thanks for showing this. It's making it easier for us to understand and feel a part of this hard time in your's and maggie's life. I wish we could give you a hug.

Team Saucisson said...

Hey Dan.
That is a beautiful scar indeed. Gee that put all out little comfortable lives in perspective. I keep you and Maggie in my thoughts