Sunday, January 18, 2009


So the past month has looked like this:
1. Chill with family
2. Drink good beer virtually daily
3. start school again, get grades (honored!), start studying for the boards
4. Gym 2-5x per week...worked on total body strength, core training, and a little interval training on the erg.

Now, I'm psyched to get back on my bike and do more than just commute to school. In a couple of weeks I'm heading down to a cat 3/4/5 training camp with big shark in northern arkansaw. Maggie and Cassidy are going to come down with me and I'll probably skip school on friday just to get an an extra riding day in. More reports and bicycle adventures to come...

Oh yeah, the picture is from an exhibit in the Portland airport of handmade bikes from Oregon. there was one bamboo bike, some kind of wodden bike, and a sick single speed cross bike from Ahearne cycles. If you haven't heard of Ahearne, check out his website. I emailed him once about maybe builing a special baby carrier for Cassidy and he responded with a really long and cool note all about his roots in the mid-west. I guess he's from KC or at least spent some time there.
There was also some amazing bikes from Vanilla bicycles.

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