Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mtn Bike

Mtn bike for 2009! My old ala carte frame with bent-ass derailleur hanger has been sitting around my house for a year. Slowly I bought various pieces to make it complete again...and now she's done.

The rear wheel is built around a White industries eccentric hub...
Crankset: race face deus
32 x 16
Fork: Reba Race with a nifty little device that lets you lock it out from my handle bars
Front hub: XT
Salsa carbon riser bars left wide for some lever arm action
Salsa stem...


Rory said...

dan looks good, let me know if your ever around and would like to head out to the trails sometime this winter/early spring. i've got the itch too. did you get a spot at ss worlds too? that sounds like a blast.


Sandbox/Gino said...

Lookin nice Dan. So how'd you find using the eno disc adapter. Didn't know you were using discs. It's supposed to be a PITA to set-up sometimes.
I'll keep an eye out for an orange blur going by at the mtb races this year.


FelletBrazing said...

Nice man. Bet it rides all kinds of smooth. And do report on the setup. It definitely looks sweet.

Marc said...

That is a sweet looking rig. Dittos on the report request, especially the eno hub. I'm looking at putting one the cx bike for next season.

Broen said...

That is one good looking bicycle.

TeamSeagal said...

Dude, I bet that bent derailleur hanger is going to add to a lack of vertical compliance and lateral stiffness. better get it checked out.