Saturday, July 11, 2009

Castlewood race

Maggie and I both did the race at castlewood on saturday. Overall, there isn't too much to say except that we both had fun but were dissapointed with the turn out. The course was great in my opinion. 1 fast and flowy section and 1 hard and technical section that I used to ride like 10 years ago pretty frequently.

The single speed category had only 2 racers. Oh well, I suppose that with the Thursday night crit and sunday's race a lot of people were recovering...or working. I ended up feeling the best I have on a bike in a long time so ended up riding into the expert group and staying away from the sport riders (barely) until the end. Unfortunately, because there were only 2 riders in the single speed category, I didn't get the state jersey but I did manage to pull a nifty Surly flask from the loot as a prize.

Maggie was the only racer in her age category for the beginners so ended up with a medal as well. Not bad for her first race ever.


Casey Ryback said...

i woulda been there had i not been working...

James Nelson said...

Thanks for racing. Yeah bummer on turnout. Hard to fit it in the race schedule. Not a really a bad problem to have to many races, but still a problem none the less. We didn't want to book head to head with another race. I'll see if I can get a jersey for you. I know a guy..... Shoot me an email on the address listed on the flyer with your size and cell number.

At least Maggie got a jersey!!!

James, rigrider