Sunday, October 4, 2009


It has only been a week since my last post, but a bunch has happened regarding the riding of bicycles so I wanted to load up some pics before the glory that will be burnin at the bluff.

Last wednesday-ish I succumbed to the good vibes, new and old friends, superior attitude, and superior state of mind and joined team seagal. Which basically meant that I picked a nick-name and jumped aboard. Later that day I got a plastic bag stuck in my shit.

Then I saw a dude doing tai-chi on the street, got my hair cut and drank a 16oz PBR while doing so, ate at the new broadway brewery here in columbia, and saw some sweet bras.

Riding this weekend was basically prep-work. A nice 2 hour road ride with lots of steep climbing with coach and my cousin Rory and 3 hard 15 minute intervals on the cross course before work on saturday. The weather is rocking and I'm super psyched on life, fall, and the hilarious pictures of my daughter eating steak and pancakes for her 1st birthday meal (her favorite meal).

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Nico Toscani said...

I love your bras and your new name and your new team. I also share in your enthusiasm for street Tai-Chi and the event known as Burning at The Bluff. Congratulations on all your successes homie, I am super stoked that you have Superior Attitude and Superior State of Mind. PEACE!