Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Down time

The news from last tuesday is starting to settle. It has been great to be home, back on my thyroid hormone, and trying to live in the present. Oh man, the future holds some amazing opportunities. Speaking of which, check this out.

It has been wonderful to have some time off work. My program/superiors are somewhat expecting me to come back with a plan or at least some idea of what I want to do. Right now, I'm thinking some time away from the hospital is in order. Back to the grassroots, hopefully activism but however I can serve.

Those Jesuits in college sure did a number on me. Well, maybe that sounds bad given the recent catholic priest things...all I'm saying is the world is a cold, hard place. Wealth and power rule. It takes a strong and open heart, open eyes, and a willingness to jump in if we want to change anything. That british kid is amazing.

On the medical/physiology front, one of the people I ride with has her PhD in Nutritional and Exercise Science. She does research on bone density and how to strengthen bone, particularly in cyclists. With my vertebrae as it is and with one of the well known side effects of my primary anti-cancer med, thyroid hormone, being low bone density I started taking her recommendations yesterday. Her research has shown that plyometrics; as few as ~40 to ~100 jumping exercises 3 times per week, is one of the best ways to improve bone density, even compared to lifting weights! So its riding (40 miles on gravel today at 18 degrees! with a couple of cadence drills), plyos, and yoga for me for awhile!

Here's a video Dave Henderson made of how we roll when it is 7 degrees (and hypothyroid) in Columbia, MO: Jan 2, 2010


Doctor said...

Nice video, I wrote the soundtrack on my casio keyboard (msrp $30) back in the late 80's. I like your crash at the beginning. Daydreaming again?

Ps. Plyometrics hurt. The first time I tried it I walked funny for a week afterwards.

Dan said...

yeah, maybe better with the sound off. don't know what he was going for there. and yes.

Monty said...

great video! was that you crashing and burning?! ;-)

left you a message. call me and lets catch up sometime soon.


g-wiz said...

That's funny, while you were riding trails we were probably tearing up the skate park snowboard style. That snow lead to three days of awesome snowboarding at the skate park, didn't even think about riding a bike...