Sunday, August 1, 2010

Next steps

This weekend was a sigh of relief. On thursday morning I had a brain MRI to assess the possibility that the increase in my blood tumor marker could be due to brain metastasis. The scan was completely normal.

Although we don't yet understand the blood test, at least the worst possibility imaginable is not a reality.

I spent my weekend hanging out with the fam, reading about cycling anatomy and bike fit, and cooking these:

Memphis style, fall-off-the-bone, didn't even need sauce. Yum.

Then eating cookies with her:

Sometimes I think about how I've ended up being a person who thrives on competition (NCAA lacrosse and cross country, competitive climbing, bike racing, med school) yet hates all analogies of living with cancer where it is compared to a 'fight'. It just doesn't make sense to me that I'm 'fighting' cancer. Maybe it helps some people feel like they're taking an active role in their treatment, but I honestly don't feel like my actions have much effect on the disease process.

Anyway, I'm currently starting week 2 of my forced time off the bike. It is getting easier but I'm really starting to get psyched for cyclocross this fall. There's a sweet new frameset from Kona that I'm seriously considering:
although, I'd definitely have to sell a bike (possibilities include the Tarmac and the 2010 Major Jake), but I also don't know if I have the time or energy to deal with all that.

Racing-wise, here is the current schedule:
Aug 22: Mtn bike: Single-Speed race, Jeff City
Sep 4: Mtn bike: Tall Oak Challenge- 6hr team (Teamate is Schottler)
Sep 18: Herman Under the lights
Sep 19: Herman #2
Sep 26: ?DE STAD CROSS 1(KS)? or rest or train
Oct 3: Boss Cross (KS)
Oct 10: DE STAD CROSS 2 (KS)
Oct 16: Bubba #1
Oct 17: Bubba #2
Oct 24: Bubba #3
Oct 30: Bubba #4
Oct 31: Bubba #5
Nov 7: Bubba #6
Nov 14: Bubba #7
Nov 21: Bubba #8
Nov 28: Bubba #9
Dec 4: Mo St CX Champs (KS)


Magda said...

I wish everyday was Sunday at the Miller house. Today rocked. You're a stud.

Sasha Petrosevitch said...

I am jealous. Enjoy fam time. It truly #1 in my book. Eat moar cookies with her. Fight!

TeamSeagal said...

You and Schottler at Tall Oak pretty much means you don't even have to show up. The two of you are all but guaranteed a win. Just sayin'.


Jeff Yielding said...

I think you both should wear your state jerseys at Tall Oak, just sayin'.

Nice CX schedule, had fun with the KC races last year, they do a nice job.

Dan said...

Last year I did 10 laps by myself, it'll be fun to see how many more we can get.