Monday, March 21, 2011

Late March

The build-up to my wife's headshave reached it's inevitable culmination on saturday night. Cassidy and I were there to support and cheer for what was and is Maggie's journey into the depths of herself...fears, hopes, constructed images, real images, and all. Of course, Cassidy just saw her momma getting a big hair cut. But I knew how deep we have gone with this one.

It is very cool and inspiring being around people doing that internal work that isn't fun or even necessary but always changes us....going deep, as they say.

Saw this quote copied and pasted by Mark Twight, not sure who said it:

I'm racing the dirt bike next sunday and don't have the focus as depicted in the above quote, but I will come May...when the racing get's frequent. After that, the plan is to do the state mtn bike race, take a break, and then start base miles again to get ready for cross next fall/winter.

Sunday was an awesome small-group ride on a regular-old BoCoMo route. Funny that I don't think of this (and I don't think others do either) as having a lot of climbing:

I still say cyclists who rag on Columbia, don't have a clue.

On the health-front, I go back to MD-Anderson in May for a full round of scans and tests. I still have a hard time believing that the course of my disease randomly veered off-the-road to produce a bone metastasis and increased tumor marker while not progressing in other ways. Unfortunately, cancer biology is a logical science despite it's complexities. And it doesn't take a genius to observe a pattern. I'm scared that the down-ward slope will continue in May and that there will be some other indication of shit getting worse. But, that's what meditation, bike rides, red wine, good food, coffee, family, friends, and graduate school are for...providing positivity in uncertain times.

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