Monday, March 28, 2011

New bumps

note: If you ever get cancer and decide to blog about it, don't ever write something on your blog before you tell your parents or spouse. Just trust me on that'll save you some headaches.

On saturday, I was driving and noticed my neck felt a little weird...stiff or something, similar to last fall. Because there are still known lymph nodes with thyroid cancer in my neck, I try not to feel around myself, all it does is provoke anxiety. Sometimes knowledge is not power. But, despite that, I poked around a bit myself and felt these two little buggers (about an inch in front of my scar and just behind my jaw line).

The upper one is the size of an almost and the lower a peanut. Neither are tender, both are firm and relatively immobile. I'd much prefer tender, soft, and mobile as each of those qualities would support a 'reactive process' where white blood cells are mobilizing in my lymph system in order to process antigens from infectious entities. But instead, I'm probably bound for a biopsy later this week.

Of course they're probably thyroid cancer, but because of the amount of radiation I've received since 2005, lymphomas and salivary gland tumors are unfortunate possibilities.


TeamSeagal said...

So how long did it take for these f*&$ing things to become noticeable?


Dan said...

Not long at all.

Andy said...

I hate these bumps.

Trail Monster said...

Keep moving Dan! Our thoughts are with ya'll.