Friday, April 1, 2011

New bumps: part 3

The schedule went something like this:

Wake up, drink coffee, eat, then head to the hospital.

I had the biopsy under ultrasound guidance around 10:30. Basically they stuck 6 needles into each of the two nodes and moved them around a bunch. This was after they numbed me sufficiently with lidocaine. The funny thing was the docs kept asking me yes/no questions while the needles were in my neck, a situation where I'm not supposed to move or talk. Anyway, they got lots of tissue.

Unfortunately we still don't have a definitive answer as to what is going on. But, the absolute great news is that the thing causing the lymph nodes to be big is definitely NOT what I feared most (anaplastic thyroid cancer, aka poorly-differentiated). Again, what I have in these nodes is NOT that. Yeah!!!

Now the weird news:
-If it were the same kind of thyroid cancer as I've had this entire time, they would have been able to tell that easily. But, they couldn't.
-One of the things prominent in the biopsied tissues is a lot of lymphocytes. Some of them are atypical (normal english translation= white blood cells responded to an infection or inflammation). But, there were a lot of lymphocytes and a cancer of the lymphocytes, aka lymphoma, could not be ruled out. That being said, they need to put a bunch of stains on the tissue to see if the cells are all the same (clonal). If so, then I have lymphoma. Then they need to figure out what kind. If not clonal, then I have some kind of weird viral infection with no other obvious symptoms.

But, there still is a chance that this could be inflammation due to my old friend, papillary thyroid cancer...and that those particular cancer cells are in those swollen lymph nodes.

So, more waiting.


Trail Monster said...

Adding more prayers for ya my Brofher!

Keep moving forward with Superior Attitude. Snapping more wrists along your path!

pessin said...

Always playing the waiting game. Sorry Dan. We're thinking all the non-lymphoma thoughts we can. Lots of love xoxoxox

TeamSeagal said...



Mike Briner said...

Good to hear not anaplastic. I'm hoping for the best for you.

Andy said...

We're waiting with you.

David Henderson said...

Love the "absolute great news", and wishing you well.

Richard said...

praying it's somehting else entirely- an army of cells looking to kick the cancer's butt