Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good riddance september.

Holy shit. Stuff to look forward too:

-Race support! My Dad and I are taking a man's trip to the great northwoods of Michigan in November. Just me and him, like I'm 10 or something. And I get to race Iceman cometh, a true cyclocrossers mountain bike race!
-More race support! Momma Miller and myself are taking Cassidy and heading to derby city for the USGP de Louisville. I'm registered for the UCI race and can't freakin wait. I hope it is cold.

--That's the registration. SCARY! I wish there were 2 of me there...that'd be sweet.
-Even more race support!!! For my 32nd birthday, Maggie got us 2 nights stay in beautiful Iowa City during thanksgiving weekend...JINGLE CROSS is finally happening. Somehow the stars aligned and Maggie get's to go as well.

-I've been riding outside!!!! I took my 2010 major jake and put a cross top lever on the left side so that I can brake whilst wearing my cast that is actually now a brace. Weekdays have been longish or easy spins with some weight lifting thrown in. Weekends have been 3x20min SubLTs. I love my carbon Major, but man that classic major rides SO nice. Such a comfortable bike. I just can't wait to race either one!

We're unfortunately probably not going to Burnin next week. Cassidy turns 3 and Maggie is on a new rotation, which basically means she has no idea what her days will be like. How bad would it suck to go to your job and have no idea what time you'll be getting home? Thus is Maggie's life for a large portion of this year.

I see the doc wednesday, hopefully the bone is almost done cooking....I have some other wrists to snap.

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Scott said...

Looking forward to seeing you at the races, Dan. Bummed you couldnt make it to any of our's.