Monday, December 19, 2011

Veldrijden Holidays

On the finishing stretch...

Semester is done. I have a few weeks to focus on my research and get ready for some really cool science next spring.

I rode hard the last 2 weeks. Definitely the hardest weekday riding I've done since September. This week will be the hardest of the fall/winter. Then there will be a couple of hard workouts, family time, and a taper for the last 3 races of the season: 2 UCI races in Chi-town and Master's 30-34 Nat'l championships.

This weekend was a race held by Mark French in Columbia, IL ( at definitely one of the best (IMHO, the best) local cross courses this year.

Almost every turn you could rail without braking. There was singletrack, climbing, stairs, sand. And it was awesome weather. Plus podium finishers got belgian beer!

A very happy holidays to all blog readers out there. I wish you love and peace during this awesome time of year and a wonderful 2012. I'm certainly thankful for all the support from friends, family, acquaintances, and random internet-folk. 2011 has been a tuff but good year. Watching Cassidy grow and spending time with her is hands-down the highlight of this past year. I'm pretty stoked to be doing what I'm doing right now...completely focused on; family, science, and bike friends/community/racing/training/surfing

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Scott said...

Super cool video, Dan. Who made it? Red sweatshirt guy? Great post and great racing with you this year. Looking forward to 2012 and more..