Monday, February 9, 2009


Just read this letter to the editor on velonews:
"First off, the Lance Affect, part, 1 got my son into competitive cycling and has brought home two national medals thus far.

Second off, The Cancer Lance Affect can only do great things to bringing greater awareness. As some one who has lost: mom (colon cancer) grandfather (lung cancer) uncle (throat cancer) cousin (age 11 leucemia): Power on dude.

Third, the Lance Affect, part 2, has inspired me to get back into competitive cycling. ... This 46-year-old, never has been, but who wants to be the best he can be (with a 40-hour job).

If he can come back and even attain some of his former fitness, then I can scratch the surface at what little I had back in the day (for to be a "has been", you had to at least been a once was, with me, that does not apply)"

Right on. Despite all the controversy around Lance I can't tell you how much his story has affected me. Like the writer of this letter, I've lost: Grandfathers x2 (melanoma and hepatic), grandmother (breast), 27 y/o friend (medulloblastoma), and my stepfather (prostate). As for me, although they're suppressed medically, I'll always have cancer cells in my body.

As cliche, annoying, and marketed it may be I still think about the livestrong message and really hope that Lance has a good season of racing. I'm personally really hoping that he makes it to the Tour of Missouri, if he does I'm gonna try and meet him. In the future, I'd love to do something that combines bikes, medicine, and cancer-support.

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