Thursday, February 12, 2009

Race schedule

I've really missed the racing of last fall's cyclocross season. So, with next season's cyclocross season in mind I put together a tentative race schedule for the spring that includes some crit riding, time trialing, and mountain bike racing. It's all about getting racing experience and not burning myself I'm psyched to try a little bit of everything.

I'll probably end up doing a second base period in late July through mid August, then start building and eventaully trying to peak during cyclocross season.

I'm still not sure about whether I'm doing a fellowship or just being a regular 3rd year medical student next year. I'll be one or the other come June and being a 3rd year will definitely make my goals of cyclocross racing a bit if I do the fellowship I'll get to go to Durango, CO for the single speed mountain biking world championships!!!

Unfortunately, the descision is not up to me and I'm still waiting to hear from the pathology department about the fellowship I'm hoping for.

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