Thursday, September 17, 2009

Course preview (part 1)

Let me introduce you to the course:

The first shot above is what we encounter after riding up some pavemented roads in down town durango. About 3.5 miles in, we find our first trail: The trail is called powerline, and like it sounds is a double track, gravel trail underneath some powerlines that transverse a ridge. This section is slighlty uphill and quite long.

The powerline gets a git steeper towards the end.

Then, the powerline turns into singletrack and basically continues with similar topography, except that the single track is tight and is a signal that the pain is soon coming. At 7.33miles, the hike-a-bike begins. Keep in mind, that is 7.3 miles of moderate elevation it will be an interesting race to that point. At 7.84 miles the king of the mountain will crest the highpoint of the course, which I believe is about 7900ft.

The remaining pics are randoms from the last few days.

day 3:
durango rocks. you should come. best single track ever. soil=perfect.


James Nelson said...

Sweet shots! Good luck at SSWC.

CockPuncher said...

Dan-So jealous!! Best of luck. Snap some wrists!! When you gonna get yo-sef kitted in the PBR colors? Say hi to all those JERKS...Punchor

Team Trail Monster said...

Good Luck and most of all have fun!