Friday, July 2, 2010

Loads of fun

Thursday night was the first race in a July Short track series in Castlewood. Last year I went and watched Maggie race only to commit to myself to try and make every effort possible to be there for some racing this season.

Short track mountain bike racing consists of a shorter total amount of time than the typical cross country races. This series is similar to road crits, where races mass start and a clock begins ticking. Depending on what category, races will last either 40, 30, or 20minutes then there will be a bell which signals 1 lap left. My race was 40+ 1 lap.

I put a 36x16 and rigid fork on my bike (pictures to come) and set off to give it my all and have a blast.

Bob Arnold of DRJ racing posted a really great video of the race. I'm the guy in the black Team Seagal kit coming by at ~2:30.

2010 Dirt Crits - Race #1 from bob arnold on Vimeo.

Ralph and his crew have done an incredible job with this event. It was a ton of fun and very well organized. Thanks so much to everyone who helped! I can't wait to do more!


Jeff Yielding said...

Way to kill it out there last night!

Mark Gullett said...

Nice pass at 5:20. Looks like so much fun.

Dan said...

Thanks guys!

Mark, I definitely burned some matches with that pass...Had a big gap after the turns, but as you saw got caught and bobbled at a terrible time (coming out of the creek). No way I was following Ploch after that. I wish the footage of the last lap was up, it was amazingly fun racing!

Casey Ryback said...

Can't wait till thursday once again - i'l see ya there? I'll bring the beers?

Diane said...

Wow! I'm impressed.