Friday, March 19, 2010

Health care bill

Please educate yourself on what seems like the final version. Lots of good compromises:

Items I'm pleased with:
2. Subsides
2. Medicaid expansion, the prior poverty limit was insane
3. EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITY: As in the Senate bill, businesses are not required to offer coverage. Instead, employers are hit with a fee if the government subsidizes their workers' coverage. The $2,000-per-employee fee would be assessed on the company's entire work force, minus an allowance. Companies with 50 or fewer workers are exempt from the requirement. Part-time workers are included in the calculations, counting two part-timers as one full-time worker. (IMO: EXCELLENT COMPROMISE)

I think it is a much better idea how they're doing taxes, but I still fear that in 2018 it will hurt middle-class laborers.

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