Monday, March 22, 2010

Wow, everyone I've spoken/interacted with today who is NOT HAPPY about the health care build has, in my humble opinion, probably got their news from a major news network. I actually watched a few minutes of 'coverage' on CNN...and I have to say, it makes me want to kill my television (if you don't know me, my wife and only recently got television after not having it for 6-10 years). First of all, no one on TV, except maybe Obama is speaking intelligently about the thing. If you haven't read a good summary, please do so here. And second, people are out-right lying about what the bill says.

We had snow in Columbia this past weekend and I only managed a 2.5 hour ride on gravel roads Sunday. There were 2 other crazy friends with me, but most everyone else took the weekend off. Strangely, my knee is a bit sore today...however un-scientific this sounds, I'm pretty sure cold weather irritates it. Plus, I actually managed 9-10 hours of riding last week, much of it at hard to moderate-hard tempos. So today is rest, stretching, and ice. I've been hammering the road bike lately and am starting to get excited about trying a few long road races.

I was bummed about Dogwood this weekend. Now my first road race of the season is looking like Hillsboro Roubaix. Again, the goal will just be to finish as I understand it is a pretty brutal race. If you have any advice about it, I'm all ears. In the meantime, I'm planning on racing this sunday no matter what, hopefully the mountain bike at Lost Valley.

After, I'm hoping to do:
April 18: Tour of Hermann Omnium (Saturday TT and crit, Sunday road race)

May 1: Haven't decided yet...either Mountain bike race or the Vino Fondo

May 8: possibly Joe Martin?
May 23: Tour de St Genevieve, State Road race

June 12: Mtb Missouri State Championship. Castlewood

July 4th: Mtb Firecracker 50, Brekenridge CO


Scott said...

Stay out of the wind at Hillsboro. Thats one of the biggest things there. There are only a few short grunt climbs that didnt really split the group up any that I remember.

The cold will make your joints hurt for sure. Especially if you have injured it in the past. My right shoulder always bothers me in the winter. Thats why old people retire to Florida.

Nathan said...

Hey, I have heard plenty of patients say weather affects how their joints feel...doesn't sound too weird to me. Hang in there

Jeff Yielding said...

Be great to see you in Hermann for the Tour!